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 Resurge means "to rise again." More often than not,   people wait to contact an attorney until the problem   is bigger and more expensive than it needs to be. 


 Let us help you get ahead of the problem, so you can   get back to living your life. 

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Jessica Brown

Owner and Managing Attorney

Founded in 2019, Resurge Legal, PLLC, is rooted in a commitment to return to the basics of the legal profession while providing . We believe that providing exceptional legal services should be both effective and compassionate.

Our mission is straightforward: to deliver unwavering support, equip clients with sufficient information to make truly informed decisions about their lives, and provide effective solutions. We understand that legal matters can be complex and emotionally challenging. That's why we approach each client with empathy, diligence, and a client-centric focus.

While the outcome is crucial, we place equal emphasis on ensuring that the process is infused with empathy and compassion.

Open and clear communication is a fundamental principle at Resurge Legal. While our primary language is English, we are committed to reaching diverse communities. If you prefer Spanish, we offer effective communication through professional translation services. Hablamos español, y si lo prefiere, estamos dispuestos a comunicarnos con usted a través de un intérprete. 

Contact us today to embark on your journey toward resolution and peace of mind.

Managing Attorney
Practice Areas
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 Families Matter 

 Divorce & Paternity 



 Domestic violence 

 DHS Involvement 

 Adoption without Consent 

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 Termination of Parental Rights 

 Adoption without Consent 

 Divorce & Paternity 

 Custody Determinations 

 DHS Involvement 

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 Prenuptial agreements 

 Cohabitation agreements 

 Separation agreements 

 Relationship Exit Planning 

 Future Custody Battles 

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"I wanted to reach out and thank you again for the amazing representation of [your client] last week. I have watched this case closely for the last year and after each court hearing I see a mom leaving the courtroom empty handed and sunken shoulders, representing another hit to her hope of getting [her baby] back. This last week, I watched something very different. I watched [mom] leave the courtroom with a hope and shoulders that were risen because someone besides [my organization] and her believed in her rights! She has been working so hard and despite being beaten up along the way, she has not been defeated. She deserves good representation and protection of her rights and I believe she is getting that with you…so from the deepest part of our hearts, THANK YOU!!"

S.C. | Service Provider and Advocate | 2021

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