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Resurge means "to rise again." More often than not, people wait to contact an attorney until the problem is bigger and more expensive than it needs to be.


Let us help you get ahead of the problem, so you can get back to living your life. 

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Jessica Brown

Owner and Managing Attorney

I started this firm in 2019 when I decided that I want to run things differently. My focus is on what my clients need and getting the job done.

My clients are my greatest joy and serving them is my greatest honor. 

Entiendo mucho español pero no lo hablo bien. Si solo habla español, podemos comunicarnos a través de un traductor. Envíame un correo electrónico.

Managing Attorney
Practice Areas
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Family Matters

Divorce & Custody

Legitimation & Paternity


Domestic violence

Child Support

DHS Investigations

Juvenile Deprived Actions

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Deprived Adjudication

Termination of Parental Rights

Divorce Rulings

Paternity Rulings

Custody Determinations

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Marriage Planning & Asset Protection

Prenuptial agreements

Cohabitation agreements

Separation agreements


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"I wanted to reach out and thank you again for the amazing representation of [your client] last week. I have watched this case closely for the last year and after each court hearing I see a mom leaving the courtroom empty handed and sunken shoulders, representing another hit to her hope of getting [her baby] back. This last week, I watched something very different. I watched [mom] leave the courtroom with a hope and shoulders that were risen because someone besides [my organization] and her believed in her rights! She has been working so hard and despite being beaten up along the way, she has not been defeated. She deserves good representation and protection of her rights and I believe she is getting that with you…so from the deepest part of our hearts, THANK YOU!!"

S.C. | Service Provider and Advocate | 2021

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